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Author  E.M. Forster
Publisher  Fonthill Press LLC
Publication Date   July 16, 2012
Pages  231


Back in Alexandria again, [Cleopatra] watched the second duel--that between Mark Antony and Caesar's murderers. She helped neither party, and when Antony won he summoned her... She came, not in a carpet but in a gilded barge, and her life henceforward belongs less to history than to poetry... Voluptuous but watchful, she treated her new lover as she had treated her old. She never bored him, and since grossness means monotony she sharpened his mind to those more delicate delights, where sense verges into spirit. Her infinite variety lay in that. She was the last of a secluded and subtle race, she was a flower that Alexandria had taken three hundred years to produce and that eternity cannot wither.

from ALEXANDRIA: A HISTORY AND A GUIDE                                                                      

Widely regarded as "the best guidebook ever written" E.M. Forster's ALEXANDRIA remains one of the most rare and least explored of his works--an evocative, informative exploration of that most fabled, exotic and elusive of all the world's cities.                                                              Now for the first time ever Forster's ALEXANDRIA appears in eBook format, and the release of the Fonthill Edition in 2012 coincides with the book's 90th anniversary. Forster spent several of the most influential years of his life in Alexandria--that ever complex, ever-enduring, multi-faceted ancient/modern city founded by Alexander the Great more than two millennia ago. Perhaps the world's first truly cosmopolitan city, Alexandria remains forever intriguing. More than either a History or a Guide, Forster's ALEXANDRIA is, as Lawrence Durrell noted, an exquisite labour of love.

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