The World To-Morrow


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Author  Mechanics And Metals National Bank
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 22, 2012
Pages  96

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Foreword To Our Friends: The people of the world have crossed the threshold of a new era. Hostilities are ended, the Peace Treaty is signed, and aN ew Day of Rebuilding is about to succeed the Great War. In this volume we have sought to show the promise of thisN ew Day. Frankly, we have presented the subject with a single dominating purpose in mind, namely, to outline the hopeful aspects of the situation. This is not because we desire to voice any easy optimism the kind, for example, that assumes that everything will come out all right now that the war is ended. It is because we feel the need of looking at the situation in a sane, but withal confident way. People are confused by the strange, new and perplexing problems that have arisen to confront them, and their confusion has not been helped by glum and despondent views that lately have been so frequently expressed. We trust that what we have done will stimulate your faith in the recuperative powers of mankind, and strengthen your confidence in the worlds economic future.
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