An Essay on the Original Genius and Writings...


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Author  Robert Wood
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 24, 2012
Pages  372

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Preface to the Ruins of Palmyra, informed the Reader, that one of the objeds of our Eaftern voyages was to vifit one of the moft celebrated fcenes of ancient ftory, in order to compare their prefent appearance with the early claffical ideas, we had conceived of them ;and particularly, that we propofed to read the Iliad and Odyl Tey in the countries, where Achilles fought, where Ulyffes travelled, and where Homer fung ;I confidered myfelf in fome fort accountable to the public, and my friends, for the refult of this part of our fcheme: and therefore determined to employ my firft leifure in throwing together fuch obfervations, as this inquiry had furnifhed ;confining my firft Ei Tay of this kind to what concerns the Greek Poet. But, however ambitious I was to engage in the caufe of Homer, the difficulties I found as to the manner of doina him iuftice, greatly embarral Ted me. For though our expedations from this objedt of our curiofity were by no means difappointed, yet I almoft defpaired of a fatisfaaory method of conveying to others a tolerable idea of the entertainment, we received from it on the fpot.
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