A History of Classical Greek Literature, Vol...


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Author  John Pentland Mahaffy
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 21, 2012
Pages  282

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These corrections are far more numerous than would appear from the slight increase of the volume in size. As regards the bibliography of each author, it is hardly necessary, in the face of such works as Bursian sJ ahresbericht, to attempt any complete catalogue of German books or tracts. But in the case of English commentaries, which are often ignored or neglected in the German andF rench periodicals, I thought it desirable to give the student a reference to at least the most recent English treatment of each author, where he will generally find the further information he requires. I am not aware that in the department of prose literature there has been any remarkable addition to, or rectification of, our knowledge during the interval, unless Gomperz be right in attributing the Hippocratic tract irepl rny? not only to the earliest moment of Ionic prose, but even to the pen of the famous Protagoras.1 I have announced in its place a new discovery relating to the Phado of Plato, and have added at the conclusion of the volume a scrap of an unknown historian recovered from an inscription. As regards the peculiar views maintained in this book on the credibility ofT hucydides Sicilian archaeology, on the estimate Xenophon has given us of himself, on the integrity of 1C f. his curious edition and commentary just published inS itz. -B er. of the Vienna A cademy, vol. cxx.
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