The Graecostasis of the Roman Forum and Its Vicinity...


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Author  Charles James O'Connor Connor
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 21, 2012
Pages  50

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In or near the Comitium of the early city of Rome were several monuments the Curia Hostilia, Rostra, Graecostasis, Senaculum, and Columna Maenia known to us only from the mention of them in ancient writers, and for that reason difficult to locate with exactness. Although at first glance the passages which refer to these monuments seem to be sufficiently definite in their statements, further study shows that they are somewhat puzzling, so that while topographers agree in placing the structures within a limited area they do not agree upon the arrangement within this area. The conjectural scheme of Richter (T opographic derS tadt Rom, taf. 9) is nearly the same as that of Huelsen (F ormae Urbis Romae A ntiquae, Map III; also Mittheilungen desK aiserlichen Deutschen A rchaeologischen I nstituts; Romische A btheilung 1893 p. 79 ff.), given in fig. 1. In these the Rostra, Graecostasis, andS enaculum are considered as forming part of the boundary line between Forum and ComitiumG ilbert (G eschkhte derS tadt Rom in A ltertum III, p. 139) locates the Graecostasis at the northeast corner of the area Volcanir the most western point of the Comitium, and the Rostra at the eastern point (cf. II, p. 74). Although these schemes, especially Huelsen s, have been generally accepted as approximately correct, it seems to me that they do not conform to all of the conditions, and that a radically different arrangement is required and further that these buildings can be located with considerable precision.
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