A History of Latin


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Author  George Augustus Simcox
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 21, 2012
Pages  512

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Ax ideal histor} of anything would tend to be a history of everything; whether the primary subject were letters, institutions, manners, wars, or arts, the same figures, the same facts would present themselves over and over again in slightly different lights. In illustrating a truism, one period or one subject is as good as another. Take the days of Domitian. His colossal equestrian statue, the Hercules which held the dessert of Vindex, the sculpture gallen,- of Vopiscus, which were celebrated by Martial andS tatius,all ought to find their place in a perfect history of arts, of manners, or of letters. Was Domitian seffigy less ridiculous than theD uke of Wellington s? Was Vindex the happy possessor of an original of Lysippus inherited from Sulla, and Hannibal and Alexander the Great? Was Statius enthusiastic over a collection of skilful reductions from ancient masterpieces or a collection of audacious forgeries that professed to be original models? It is hardly his fault that we have to guess; contemporaries knew.
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