Travels and Researches in Asia Minor, Mesopotamia...


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Author  William Ainsworth
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 21, 2012
Pages  460

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Vll CHAPTER XXXIII. PAOB City of Mosul. Modern Government. Famine and Conflagrations. Romish Chaldeans. A ntiquities. River Tigris. Calendar of Nature. Hurricanes. Mons Nicator and Gangamela. Battle of A rbela. Ruins of Nineveh. Magnitude of the City. Circuit of theW alls. Commentary on theB ook of Jonah. Ancient City confined within theW alls, Temples and Palaces. Fulfilment of Prophecies. Identity of Nimrud, Larissa andR esen. Castle of Xenophon. Mes-P yto, now Mosul. The Syrian Nineveh -124 CHAPTER XXXIV. Start for A lH adhr. Baths of Hammam A liT isasphalta. Chase after Wild Boars. Fountains of Bitumen. Kalah Sherkat Ur of the Persians. Bivouac by the River sB anks. Khawass killed by the A rabs. Cross theD esert. Arrive at A lH adhr .... -147 CHAPTER XXXV. Reception by theS hammar A rabs. Inscriptions onS tones, Singular Sculptures. Jewish and A rabic Inscriptions Roman Frieze. An Astronomical City. I ts Chaldean origin. Resists the Romans. River Tharthar. Start from A lH adhr. Arab Tribes. Geographical Botany. Vegetation of theD esert. Our Visit returned by theS hammar Chief 163 CHAPTER XXXVI. Start forK urdistan. Plain of Mud. Plants and A nimals. Sheikh A di, Temple of the I zedis. Origin of the name I zedi. Worship of theD evil. Tendency to Christianity, A remnant of the lost Tribes. I zedi Sepulchres. Enter theM ountains. Bivouac by aS pring. Valonia and Galls. Vale of A madiyeh 179 a 2a.
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