The Consolations of Death, in Ancient Greek Literature...


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Author  Sister Evaristus Moran Ma
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 22, 2012
Pages  86

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Consolations of Death CHAPTER VI Death Before Sorrow Has Come Considered aB oon .40 Untimely death. Pathos of early death. Consolation of family ties. Misfortune for parents to survive their children. Those who die early have escaped many misfortunes. Many would have been saved from great calamities if they had met an earlier death. Story ofT ermaeus of Elysia. Troilus wept less than Priam. Early death mark of favor of the gods. Not longest life, but most virtuous, is best. Life short compared with eternity. CHAPTER VII Dead Do Not Suffer from theL oss of Life sB lessings .44 Apprehension that the dead feel the loss of the pleasures of this life removed by consolers. Plutarch. Socrates. CHAPTER VIII Comfort Derived from Giving Expression toG rief .. 45 Crantor sconsolation. View taken by Homer. Stoic objection. Uselessness of grief. Used as a consolation inH omer, inT ragic Poets. A rchilochus. Letter to Xanthippe. Display of grief unbecoming. Euripides. Plato. ps.-P lutarch. Evil effects of grief, firjdev ayav. Moderation treated by Plato, Plutarch. Inconsistency of Stoics. Plutarch ad Uxorem. ps.-P lutarch. yv du aavrdv. Grief is not pleasing to the dead. CHAPTER IXC onsolation through Recollection of Past Joys ... 54 Memory of past pleasure should help dissipate grief. Recollection of blessings still possessed. Effect of time. CHAPTER XI mmortality of theS oul 57 Belief among the Greeks in a future life. Pindar, Sophocles. Euripides. Vagueness of the idea of immortality. Used as a consolation by Plato, ps.-P lato, ps.-P lutarch. CHAPTER XI Glory in Death 60 Renown as an incentive. Death when prosperous. Death in performance of a noble action. Story of Cleobus and Biton. A lcestis. Death for country. Patriotism of Greeks. Effect. Funeral orations. Subject of orations, titol of consolation.
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