The Life and Growth of Israel a Brief Old Testament...


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Author  Samuel A. Browne Mercer
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 21, 2012
Pages  194

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Israels gift to mankind was a spiritual and religious one. For almost twenty Christian centuries men have searched her sacred scriptures for spiritual food and they have never searched in vain. Whether her brilliant career be studied culturally, historically, or religiously, abundant results are always assured. Israel shistory has always been interesting, her civilization has ever been fascinating, and her religion never fails to inspire. But her history has too often been rendered unnecessarily dull because she has too often been studied as if her career had been primarily secular and not essentially religious. Israel was a religious nation, and it is impossible to study her history without making it religious history. A bare enumeration of dates, names, and events completely misses the essence of her unique career. Consequently the object of this little book has been to write a history of Israel as she was and wished to be a history of Israel where the secular interests have been subordinated to the religious and spiritual. An attempt has been made to interpret I sraeF shistory in the way in which her own writers often successfully did.
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