History of Art in Phoenicia and Its Dependencies...


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Author  Georges Perrot
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 21, 2012
Pages  496

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Cypriot terra-cottas To face page 180 II. Decoration of two Cypriot vases ,, 280 III. Cypriot vase 292 IV. Enamelled Vases from Camirus (R hodes) 326 V. Enamelled vases from Camirus (R hodes) ........ 328 VI. Phoenician glass ,, 332 VII. Phoenician glass ,, 334 VIII. Phoenician glass 336 IX. Phoenician jewelry ,, 382 i TAIL-PIECES. PAGE Chapter I. Lid of a sarcophagus 83 II. AS ardinian scarab 226 III. An engraved stone, French National Library 260 IV. AC ypriot vase, Museum, New York 263 V. A ring for the hair. Gold. Museum, New York 426 ,, VI. Part of a mill. A basalt cone suspended at the extremity of the handle 433 A ppendix. An engraved stone, representing the murex, found in Phoenicia .442 FIG. 1. Bronze statuette 32. Bronze statuette 43. Group in glazed earthenware 64. A mulet in glazed faience 75. Ivory statuette in theL ouvre 6. Fragmentary relief 10 7. Stele from Amrit 11 8. Bas-relief from Khorsabad 13 9. Coin ofT arsus 15 10. Coin of a Phoenician satrap 15 11.
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