History of the People of Israel


History of the People of Israel: Till the Time of King David (Classic Reprint)

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Author  Ernest Renan
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 22, 2012
Pages  400

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Greek history, the history of I srael, andE oman history. These three histories combined constitute what may be called the history of civilisation, civilisation being the result of the alternate collaboration of Greece, Judea, andE ome. Greece in my opinion has an exceptional past, for she founded, in the fullest sense of the word, rational and progressive humanity. Our science, our arts, our literature, our philosophy, our moral code, our political code, our strategy, our diplomacy, our maritime and international law, are of Greek origin. The framework of human culture created by Greece is susceptible of indefinite enlargement, but it is complete in its several parts. Progress will consist in constantly developing what Greece has conceived, in executing the designs which she has, so to speak, traced out for us. Greece had only one thing wanting in the circle of her moral and intellectual activity, but this was an important void ;she despised the humble and did not feel the need of a just God.
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