The Modes of Ancient Greek Music


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Author  B. Monro
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 26, 2012
Pages  170

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The present essay is the sequel of an article on Greek music which the author contributed to the new edition of Smith s Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities (L ondon, 1890-91, art. Musica). In that article the long-standing controversy regarding the nature of the ancient musical Modes was briefly noticed, and some reasons were given for dissenting from the views maintained by Westphal, and now very generally accepted. A full discussion of the subject would have taken up more space than was then at the authors disposal, and he accordingly proposed to the Delegates of the Clarendon Press to treat the question in a separate form. He has now to thank them for undertaking the publication of a work which is necessarily addressed to a very limited circle. The progress of the work has been more than once delayed by the accession of materials. Much of it was written before the author had the opportunity of studying two very interesting documents first made known in the course of last year in the Bulletin de correspondance hellenique and the Philologus
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