History of Roman Literature from the Earliest...


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Author  Charles Thomas Cruttwell
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 23, 2012
Pages  528

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Students at our Universities and Public Schools, and for such as are preparing for the Indian Civil Service or other advanced Examinations. The author hopes, however, that it may also be acceptable to some of those who, without being professed scholars, are yet interested in the grand literature of Home, or who wish to refresh their memory on a subject that perhaps engrossed their early attention, but which the many calls of advancing life have made it difficult to pursue. All who intend to undertake a thorough study of the subject will turn toT euffel sadmirable History, without which many chapters in the present work could not have attained completeness ;but the rigid severity of that exhaustive treatise makes it fitter for a book of reference for scholars than for general reading even among students. The author, therefore, trusts he may be pardoned for approaching the History of Eoman Literature from a more purely literary point of view, though at the same time without sacrificing those minute and accurate details without which criticism loses half its value. The continual references toT euffel swork, excellently translated by Dr. W. Wagner, will bear sufficient testimony to the estimation in which the author holds it, and the obligations which he here desires to acknowledge.
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