A History of Classical Greek Literature, Vol...


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Author  John Pentland Mahaffy Archibald Henry Sayce
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 22, 2012
Pages  476

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I ntroductory. The history of Greek ptose literature, as we possess it, begins almost at the close of th poetical development of the nation, at least at the dose of it original development, for though many poets flourished later than our earliest prose writers, no new species of poetry, except possibly the bucolic, dates its origin from this time, and the later poets were in few cases men of remarkable or enduring originality. Hence it is that, in a logical survey of Greek literature, we may allow ourselves to treat all the poetry before we approach the consideration of prose writing. This, indeed, is now. the accepted order among the German writers on the subject. I have in the former voliune stated my belief that the composition of any long or elaborate poem postulates the use of writing, and I therefore proposed this condition as giving us the earliest limit for the date of the Iliad as we have it; but many eminent critics have thought differently, and have argued that poetry can be composed and preserved without any such aid Fortunately this divergence of opinion does not exist in VOL.
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