The Classical Manual


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Author  James S. S. Baird
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 20, 2012
Pages  216

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Many excellent works have recently issued from the press, which, either separately or in the form of dictionaries, treat of the subjects of the following pages: and yet the want of anE pitome has been recognized, which would contain, in the compass of a single volume, of small size and moderate price, as much information upon such points as is calculated to elucidate the Greek andR oman authors usually read in the junior forms of our schools. It has been the object of the compiler of the present manual to supply this deficiency by introducing into it such details as are most likely to be useful (indeed much of which is absolutely necessary to the classical student) in so small a space as to admit of its being thoroughly Jtiastered and retained. Although at first the requirements of junior forms were chiefly contemplated, yet in the progress of the work so much additional matter has been supplied as, it is hoped, will render it not unacceptable to more advanced students. In the compilation, the best and most recent authorities have been consulted, but particular obligations must be acknowledged to the following works: Dr.
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