Monument to and History of the Mingo Indians...


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Author  William Henry Cobb
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 20, 2012
Pages  36

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Vice President of theN ational Historical Society Member Virginia Historical Society The request that I prepare an article on the subject of theM ingo Indians in connection with the proposal to build a monument or marker to this tribe of the wild man to be located on the Huttonsville and Marlinton Pike near the mouth of Mingo Run, in Mingo district of this county, and near the old Indian village site, has been complied with and here it is well to state that it is with difficulty that actual facts concerning any Indian tribe are obtained for any long period of years, and when a period of a few centuries are to be covered it means that most of the information is traditional. The Indian village site atM ingo has been regarded as the habitat of this tribe, but it is with no certainty that this is at all correct, but on the other hand it would appear that this village was the abode of some other tribe, for we have no account which would make this aM ingo home, and for the reason that theM ingoes were on the upper waters of theS usquehanna river in Pennsylvania and New York even before the founding of Jamestown, and from that date or little later, made a settlement on the waters of theO hio and still later further west. That there was a village once occupied by Indians atM ingo, I take it that no one doubts; we have it handed down from the ancestors of those now living in that section that such a site existed when settlement was begun soon after the Revolution; not a site of recent occupancy, but long decaying, yet retaining all the marks of such a village, and at this date evidences in way of flints, pottery and Indian relics are to be found on Mingo Run, and we are told that mounds on theM ingo Flats are still to be found, making it certain that in that elevated and beautiful section, overlooking the country for miles and miles, that such a village existed. The
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