Ancient Greek Female Costume


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Author  J. Moyr Smith
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 26, 2012
Pages  318

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Greek costume, would say that correct Greek costume seemed to consist chiefly of a pair of sandals for the feet, and a ribbon for the hair. In some of the most popular and best known works of Greek ,art there is even less dress than this. The Venus de Medici has not even a pair of sandals. The statues called the Theseus, the Discobulus, the Laocoon are as bare of clothing, and though the Apollo Belvidere is furnished vth a cloak, he does not use it to enshroud his limbs. The popular belief that ancient Greek costume was scarcely appreciable in quantity has thus some apparent foundation in fact. VT ien the question is pressed still further, however, we begin to remember that the Caryatides of the Erechtheion, and the goddess A thene, have each a distinctive dress covering the whole body, and that several of the female deities, such as H6re, Cybele, and A rtemis, are scarcely, if ever, representetl unclothed. Tliis limited wardrobe is, however, nearly all that was credited to the Greeks by many people who were far from being ignorant of Greek art and Greek
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