History of from Antievolutionist Points...


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Author  Emil Reich Doctor Juris
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 24, 2012
Pages  112

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By kind permission of the authorities of the University ofO xford, the following four lectures were delivered at The Schools, on 7th, 14th, aist February, and 7th March, 1890, respectively. In his endeavour to cover a series of vast problems within the limited space of four lectures the author was obliged to use very concise language, restricting himself to the leading features of his subject This was all the more difficult since the views advanced deviate most essentially from many current views on the issues discussed, more particularly from the opinions regarding the rise and growth of the science of Roman Law, Graeco-R oman slavery, and the applicableness of modem evolutionist theories to the study of social insti tutions. Every line of the present lectures has the virtual or actual tendency to disprove the applicableness of Darwinian concepts to the solution of sociological problems. The author begs to introduce them as a brief exposi of a portion of his forthcoming work on the histoiy of the main institutions of civilization. He also takes this opportunity to extend hb best thanks to all the Professors, Fellows, Tutors, and Undergraduates of the University ofO xford who honoured him with their attendance. EMIL REICH.
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