Trade and Letters


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Author  W. A. Scott
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 21, 2012
Pages  176

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Vii APPENDIX. A. THE ARMY OF THE WAREHOUSE. PAGET he I ronD uke defeated, .... 185 B. REPUBLICS AND LETTERS. Dr. Yaughan on Greece. Florence. Our Medici, .. 136 COMMERCE CONQUERING. Our national airs in I ndia. Present and past. Brisbane to theE arl of Derby. Fate of savage nations, .. .189 D. CRADLE OF OUR RACE. Heeren stestimony. Traditions. Periodical migrations, .. 141 E. CARTHAGE. A city of trade. Her navigation. Influence on the tribes in the interior of A frica. Her literature. Her fall a loss to trade and letters. Causes of her fall. A warning, .. ..144 F. ACCURACY OF OLD WRITERS. Modern travelers verify credibility of ancient writers, .. .148 G-. ANTIQUITY OF COMMERCE. More trade and national intercourse among ancient nations than is generally supposed. Merchants of the Arabian Nights, ..
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