Israel's Settlement in Canaan


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Author  Rev. Burney F. Burney
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 19, 2012
Pages  138

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When I was honoured by the President and Council of theB ritish Academy with an invitation to deliver theS chweich Lectures of 1917, the suggestion was made that I should choose some subject in connexion with the commentary on theB ook of Judges on which I have been engaged for some years. The subject which I chose, though not falling within the period of the Judges of Israel as defined by the limits of theB ook of Judges, is one which is brought prominently forward by the introductory section to the book, ch. i. 1-ii. 5, which raises immediately the question of the relation of the summary which it gives of the tribal settlement inC anaan to the fuller and in many respects discrepant account of that settlement which we find in theB ook of Joshua. Even apart from this preface to theB ook of Judges, the narratives dealing with the various Israelite leaders, which form the material of the book as a whole, picture (at any rate in the old sources themselves as contrasted with the editorial framework) so slight a cohesion among the various tribal units of I srael, and their holding of so precarious a footing inC anaan in the midst of alien races, that the question presses itself upon the student whether the theory of a closely organized body of twelve tribes, effecting under a single leader a complete subjugation of the greater part of Canaan i.e. the theory of theB ook of Joshua in its present form is at all consistent with such a state of affairs in the period immediately subsequent to the settlement.
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