Constantine I, and the Greek People


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Author  Paxton Hibben
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 21, 2012
Pages  628

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From the first contact, Latins and Greeks looked upon each other with mistrust, and the fundamental antagonism which separated the two civilizations was manifest in mutual suspicions, continual difficulties, incessant conflicts and reciprocal accusations of violence and treachery. ... It was easy to see that Greek hospitality did not inspire the crusaders with unbounded confidence. It must be admitted, however, that theL atins were extraordinarily uncomfortable guests. .. .T he westerners, moreover, complained bitterly of the ingratitude, the perfidy, the treachery of the Greek emperor and his subjects, and they held A lexis solely responsible for all the final failures of the crusade. As a matter of fact, that is a pure legend, carefully fostered by all the enemies of theB yzantine monarchy, and the echo of which, transmitted down the ages, explains so many injustices and stubborn prejudices which even to-day unconsciously persist against Byzance. In reality, once A lexis had treated with the crusaders, he was true to his word, and if the rupture came, its cause should be sought above all in the bad faith of theL atin princes. Charles Diehl, Figures Byzantine, vol II. What appears to have happened a thousand years ago between the Crusaders and the Greek emperors of theB yzantine Empire has repeated itself to-day between the Allied forces in theN ear East and the Greek King Constantine. It would be difficult to construe a more faithful characterization of the spirit of events in Greece in the last five years than that given by Mr. Diehl, writing of theB yzantine Empire. The pages which follow were written in the spring of 1917. I had been in Greece, Macedonia, andS erbia since the summer of 1915.
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