The Alphabet


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Author  Isaac Taylor
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 20, 2012
Pages  380

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This book represents the labour of many years It was undertaken with the intention of compiling a brief account of recent discoveries as to the origin of the A lphabet, and its subsequent developments. Knowing how extensive was the literature of the subject, I did not suppose that there would be need or place for original research in connection with such a well-worn theme. It soon became manifest, however, not only that the History of the Alphabet had never been written, but that to some extent it had not even been discovered. Although many departments of the subject had been exhaustively discussed, I found that the origin of several important Alphabets would have to be investigated anew, while with regard to some of the best known scripts various collateral problems still awaited a solution. Such questions, arising one by one, necessitated unforseen and tedious investigation, the accumulation of many books, and the study of manuscripts and inscriptions in distant Libraries and }M
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