The Story of Europe from the Times of the Ancient...


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Author  Samuel Bannister Harding
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 20, 2012
Pages  380

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Page Map of Greece xvi Map of Alexander sE mpire 42 Map of Italy 50 Roman Empire 92 Page Map of Saxon Kingdoms 138 Map of the Crusades 236 Map Showing Voyages and Discoveries 268 The Spanish Armada 331 ILLUSTRATIONS AV assal in theM iddle A ges doing Homage to his Lord Frontispiece Statue of Apollo 4B ust of Zeus (J upiter) 5S tatue of Aphrodite (V enus) 7A Greek Warship of the 5th Century B. C10 A thens as it isN ow 17 Return of the Victors from Salamis. .27 The Acropolis of A thens 31 Statue of Athena 33 Statue of Alexander the Great 40 Alexander Defeating the Persians.... 43 AT emple on the Acropolis (E rechtheum) 46 Attendants upon aK ing or Consul.. .52 Roman Plow 57 A Roman Soldier 58 Roman Standard Bearer 59 Gallic Soldier 62 The Roman Forum (R estoration).... 64 View of the Capitol 66 Hannibal 69 Ruins of a Roman A cqueduct 77 A Roman Road A cross aM arsh 78 Bust of Julius Caesar 82 Roman Chariot Race 84 Gladiators Fighting 85 Part of the Roman Wall in Britain... 90 Interior of aH ouse atP ompeii 97 Lamp andS tand 98 Spoon and Drinking Bowl from Pompeii 99 Drawing on theO uter Wall of aH ouse in Pompeii 100 Roman Books and Writing Materials .102 Toga-F ront 103 Toga-B ack 103 Persecution of the Christians 108 AB ishop on His Throne 112 AM onk 112 An Old German Village 115 Woden 120 Thor 121 AH un Warrior 125 Goths on theM arch 126 Franks Crossing the Rhine 129 Arms ofF ranks 130 A Frankish Chief 131 Baptism of Clovis 132 Old English Ships 136 Old EngU sh Warriors 137 An Early English Church 142 Remains of aV iking Ship Found inS weden :..;..
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