Historical Sketch of Armenia and the in Ancient...


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Author  An Old Indian
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 25, 2012
Pages  212

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The author of these Historical Sketches has drawn his information from a variety of sources, only a few of the chief of which are indicated in the course of the narrative. Every care, however, has been taken to verify all statements. The portions of the work directly relating to Armenia and the Armenians have had the advantage of having been revised, as to facts and dates, by an Armenian scholar, an expert in this subject, as it was passing through the press. He thus writes, at date, as to the present situation and cheerless outlook for his wretched countrymen :W hat about the next winter, when the snow once more cuts oif communications and the Kurd and the Turk are the sole masters of the situation, without even a watching eye to disturb them ?... It makes one more than sick to think of it all.
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