History and Historians in the Nineteenth Century...


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Author  G. P. Gooch
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 25, 2012
Pages  620

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No such survey has been attempted in any language. The development of modern historiography is only treated incidentally in the excellent handbooks of Bernheim and Gustav Wolf. Langlois offers little more than a skeleton. Flint and Molinier deal with France alone. Wegele confines himself to Germany and halts on the threshold of the nineteenth century. Fueter sadmirable Geschichte der neueren Historiographie, published in 1911, provides a comprehensive review from Petrarch to our own day ;but the main portion of the book is devoted to the earlier centuries, and its methods and aims differ fundamentally from those of the present work, in which the curtain rises on Niebuhr. The evolution of German, French and A nglo-S axon scholarship is related in detail, and is followed by a brief survey of the achievements of other States. The six international chapters which conclude the volume describe departments of study in which scholars of every nation have co-operated, namely, the recovery of the ancient world, the exploration of ecclesiastical history, and the reconstruction of the wider aspects of the life of humanity.
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