The Sancta Respublica Romana a Handbook...


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Author  Richard Heber Wrightson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 30, 2012
Pages  306

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I taly, I had felt the want of such information as it is intended to furnish. Since those days increased attention has been directed to mediaeval history; and especially to that of Rome and I taly. The subject has been taken up by writers whose researches have thrown new light on the subject, and made it most attractive. Yet the study of complicated and necessarily voluminous details can only be carried out by those who have leisure hours at their disposal. Under these circumstances, I hope to be acquitted of presumption if I endeavour to supply a want which still exists That of a continuous account of the changes and calamities which befell the ancient centre of Roman power during five eventful centuries From the division of the Roman world between the sons of Theodosius to the breaking-up of Charlemagne sempire of the West. I have been at pains to do this as briefly as possible. Yet not with such brevity as would render the narrative obscure and devoid of interest. n CuswoRTH, Jan. i6, 1890. Id aCO i .
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