The Cyclades


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Author  James Theodore Bent
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 20, 2012
Pages  536

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The abundance of marble and ancient remains Paros a centre of commerce in all ages Paroikia Unhealthy marsh Names of churches The drunken St. George St. Nicholas Eve A fiovffovK iov and a song Insular witT he men and candle-grease We share our meal King Othos dilemma The Church of the Hundred Gates The narthex, the chapels, the sanctuary, and circular apse The marble baldacchino St. Theoctistas footstep and spindle Musical challengeS arcophagi Necropolis of Paros A mongst the ruins of Paroikia The temple of Demeter and Miltiades Houses of the Crispis and Veniers The tramway The Belgian marble company The fychniU sB eehives The quarries The shafts Signs of ancient work King Otho svisit The bas-relief Leukis The church Orange and lemon groves Superstition about wells and npiyQ uM ore about Kalkagari An entertaining evening and generous host A cross the mountains The abyss Kypedos and the mediaeval fortress The church and its decaying decorations Graves Marmora and temple of Marpessa Naoussa and its harbour .... 372 CHAPTER XVI. I I ANTIPAROS. I. TT ie Island and the Grotto. An island without a history The contempt of the Pariotes The crows and the swans The pirates haunts A lucky windfall The wretched town The priest The old wizards and their divinations Dancing and song Idleness Visit to the grotto Appearance of mouth Traces of antiquity Perils of the way The illumination and effect Popular dread Curious belief The hall Resemblance to a church M. deN ointel sC hristmas mass His retinue Their names King Otho again The ascent Our offering to St. John 394 JN ote on the Prehistoric Remains of A ntipatos: Excavation and discoveries Difficulty of assigning date Argument 1from analogy of remains atS antorin .
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