The Tragedy of Armenia


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Author  Bertha S. Papazian
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 23, 2012
Pages  182

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This little book springs from my desire to bring to the attention of my fellow Americans the claims upon our sympathy and support of a great little nation, which, at this critical moment of world history, is making a supreme effort for long-denied liberation. Armenia is known to us chiefly through her sufferings. With the other phases of her story we are largely unacquainted. To appreciate fully the justice of her appeal for complete emancipation, we should know more of her character and of the part she has played in the past, and in the present war. I shall be happy if this little book, in any degree, serves this end. EEETHA S. PAPAZIAN. Cambridge, MassO ctober, 1918.
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