The Great Pyramid Jeezeh


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Author  Louis Philippe McCarty
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 19, 2012
Pages  594

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Wer Vieles bringt, wird Jedem etwas bringen. (W ho brings many things, brings something for each.) Goethe. NEARLY every thinking human being has some secondary subject, outside of his regular calling, upon which he devotes his spare moments. With some, it consists in attempting to solve the hidden mysteries of the future life, through the agency of some one of the eleven hundred different faiths, as to who, or what, is Deity. With others, the mineralogical fields are explored, with the expectation of finding the original atom of matter, without combination, with side issues of all other isms and ologies that exist. The astronomer delights in his calling, peering into space, and every now and then astounds us with the discovery of a new world, or one at least, that has passed within the reach of our strongest magnifiers; while the antiquarians and anthropologists are not idle. Through the findings of the students of all the foregoing subjects mentioned, a fair minority of the thinking public are found to be followers. There are, however, a very few people, living in this 20th century, who believe in or agree with the theories of any of the (over) one hundred prominent writers of the past, regarding the purpose for which the Great Pyramid Jeezeh was built, much less when, or by whom it was built. Having spent nearly all of our spare moments for the past thirty-five years in studying the works of the principal writers on the subjects of A ntiquity, Egyptology, and Pyramidal building, we now present the following pages of fact and theory for the criticism of an intelligent public, the gist of which theory is our own.
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