The Story of Sicily, Phoenician, Greek


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Author  Edward A. Freeman
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 26, 2012
Pages  422

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In undertaking to contribute a short History of Sicily to the series called The Story of the Nations, Mr. Freeman says, in the Preface to his greater work on the same subject, that he did so on the express ground that Sicily never was the home of any nation, but rather the meeting-place of many. The original suggestion had been that he should write a volume on Norman Sicily. But in view of the necessity of first introducing his readers to the earlier stages of Sicilian history, this suggestion finally ripened into the proposal to write the whole story of Sicily, from the earliest days of the Greek colonisation to the time of Frederick the Second. The idea grew. It had for many years been a favourite saying of Mr. Freeman that in order to write a small history you must first write a large one.
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