From Cyprus to Zanzibar, By the Egyptian Delta...


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Author  Edward Vizetelly
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 20, 2012
Pages  566

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When, by the Treaty of Berlin, the Island of Cyprus passed under the dominion of Great Britain, the acquisition was acclaimed as a master-stroke of diplomatic forethought. England had come into possession of aG olconda, a land teeming with gold and flowing with milk and honey, and the alluring reports of its riches drew thousands of needy adventurers and eager speculators to its shores, only to find that the extravagant stories of the natural riches of the land had not the least foundation of truth. The value of this acquisition, from any point of view, is extremely questionable ;as a strategic base for military operations it is open to grave doubt, possessing as it does not a single harbour of any extent, or anchorage of reliable safety; and as a field for commercial enterprise it has proved a rank failure. Before long, events in theS uez Canal absorbed the interest that had been centred on Cyprus, andE ngland was engaged in a campaign against misrule and fanaticism. The weakness and tyranny of Egypt srulers, the corruption of the Court, and the venality of the officials had reduced the government to a state of chaos, and brought the country to bankruptcy.
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