The Delphic Oracle, Its Early History, Influence...


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Author  R. S. Conway
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 20, 2012
Pages  226

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One of my pleasantest duties in a recent term of office as Extern Examiner in Greek to theN ational University of I reland was to read aT hesis on the History of theD elphic Oracle by the Rev. T. Dempsey, for which he was awarded the degree of M.A. with Honours by the unanimous vote of the Classical Examiners. The sound Greek scholarship and the sympathetic and temperate judgment which it showed, no less than the clearness of its arrangement, led me to advise Mr. Dempsey to undertake a thorough revision of his work with a view to its appearing as a book, and I am very glad to learn that this has been arranged. Though I can only speak with such knowledge of Greek Religion as comes to a student and lover of Greek Literature who has devoted some attention to the epigraphic records of ancient religion in Italy and in some parts of Hellas, I have found so much interest and profit in what Mr. Dempsey has written, that I venture to commend it to other students. I know no other treatise which covers the same ground and which presents the chief facts in so convenient, and, so far as I may judge, so trustworthy a form.
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