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Author  A. H. L. Heeren
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 26, 2012
Pages  662

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In presenting this second edition to the pub UcI cannot refrain from expressing my grateful thanks for the kind reception which it gave the former. To make this more deserving of favour, I have prefixed to it a Translation of the Life of the A uthor, written by himself, together with a Postscript, bringing it down to the present time, which he has been so good as to add, at my desire, expressly for this edition. The work is further improved by a new A ppendix, and by an I ndex. I regret that I have been unable, from the paging not being the same, to print off separate copies of the latter for the possessors of the former edition. To make the work still more perfect, the Translator of Wachsmuth s Antiquities has been kind enough to compare it with the German; and I must confess I have been surprised to find the errors I had left in it so few. D. A. T. Oxford, 1838. Since writing the above the publisher has been favoured with another communication from Professor Heeren, and with it a new A ppendix, not before published, containing a comparison of that learned gentlemans views respecting the high antiquity of Egypt with those of Champo Uion andR
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