The Rig Veda, a History Showing How the Phoenicians...


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Author  Rajeswar Gupta
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 25, 2012
Pages  50

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Many truths lie buried in the dark depth of the past covered over by numerous strata of forgotten events. I propose to dig up one of them, one that would have to combat the history of the primitive ages as it is commonly accepted ana also the cherished theories of the scholars of the east and the west, both old and new. What I fear is that the importance of the discovery may fail to attract the attention of the learned world throu my own insignificance, utterly unknown to fame as I am. But I consider the task I have set upon myself to be of great moment, and nothing undaunted I intend to strike out the path, for diligence in the cause of truth is destined to bring its reward and recognition of the truth itself I begin by recapitulating first the results of my investigation to create, if possible, an interest in the subject at the outset. They are the following: I. A great war broke out in the remote old days between the Indian A ryans and the Phoenicians in which the latter were defeated and compelled to leave wholly or partially the land of the A ryans. II. Most of the Suktas of the RiG Veda either describe or refer to this and many other wars. III. The Rig Veda, therefore, is not a poem only but a history. The current meanings of most of the Suktas will accordingly have to be altered and the RiG Veda Sanhita itself explained in a way different from the accepted one. IV. The Phoenicians were the first of the civilized nations of Xhfi world. The civilization of A ssyria, Babylonia, Egypt, Greece and other ancient countries owed its origin to the union of the civilizatlotv o? v Kxxv n SjC Cfcas the Phoeijician
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