Greece and the Levant, Vol. 2 of 2


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Author  Richard Burgess
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 22, 2012
Pages  322

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To the Rev, John Hartley, at Geneva. Syra, 4th July, 1834. When I consider the active part you have already takeiij and the interest you continue to take in the diffusion of Christian knowledge in Greece and theL evant I do not hesitate to address any communi. cation I may have to make upon that subject to the author of Researches in Greece, c.; and more especially because I have frequently had occasion to observe that your labours have not been in vain, and that your name is remembered with gratitude by many to whom you opened theB ook of Life. If there be no greater joy for a minister of Christ than to hear that his children walk in the truth, the joy TOL. II.
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