A Short History of the Near East


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Author  William Stearns Davis
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 24, 2012
Pages  430

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This volume relates succinctly the history of the Near East from the founding of Constantinople to the Graeco-T urkish crisis of 1922. Whatever its shortcomings, the present book can at least claim that it outlines the whole historic picture of those remarkable events which have now once again focussed the gaze of the world upon the unhappy Levant. A story like this of the age-long debate betwixt East and West, whereof perhaps the first real non-legendary argument was held at the battle of Marathon, divides itself naturally into three main sections: (i) Christian Constantinople. (2) Early I slam and the Saracenic Kalifates. (3) The intrusion of the Turanian Turks into Nearer Asia and next into Europe, and then their retreat and practical expulsion from the latter continent. Such factors as the various Balkan races and kingdoms have, however, received all the space possible. A just presentation requires that proper attention should be given to the capital events of former ages, despite a natural interest in rather recent happenings. It is more valuable to emphasize the importance of Leo the I saurians deliverance of Constantinople from the Saracens than to dwell at length on the battle of Kirk Kilisse. In handling the events of the past generation, and especially in treating the diplomacy of the Eastern Question, the aim has been merely to restate a few familiar facts for the purposes of reference, not to compete with several detailed, excellent, and very recent monographs. Conspicuous among these is that of my colleague. Professor Mason W. Tyler, The European Powers and the Near East, a work indispensable by its scope and original scholarship for Turkish events since 1875. Of corresponding value is also the Fifteen Years of Turkish History, igoj to 1922, by Professor A. H. Lybyer of the University of I llinois, who has brought to his task a discriminating fi
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