Orient Sunbeams


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Author  Samuel S. Cox
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 23, 2012
Pages  448

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Arctic Sunbeams ;or, From Broadway to theB osphorus, by way of theN orth Cape. It continues the story of a summer travel in 1881. After a restful sojourn in the capital of the Turkish empire, it takes the reader through the holy places of Mohammedan, Hebrew, and Christian, to that land of old renown, Egypt. It indulges in observations upon the present condition of the empire ofO thman, and its principal and most interesting dependencies. Within this shining crescent of travel, Ephesus, Damascus, and Jerusalem are of course included. This volume, like its predecessor, photographs for the eye, rather than elucidates for the mind. The photograph does not disdain to picture the humblest hyssop on the wall; and it presumes to reproduce the wall itself, with its moats and turrets, sieges and histories. From pine to palm, from pole to pyramid, from the midnight sun of theN orth to its beams in theO rient, the least as well as the greatest of objects have provoked reverent suggestions and enthusiasms, which, in the absence of sedate study, may afford recreation to theD reader, as they did to the author.
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