The Orphan of China, a Tragedy, As It Is Performed...


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Author  Arthur Murphy
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 23, 2012
Pages  278

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Milton calls aT ragedy, was the diftinguifhing mark of a mind truly great, and endued with thofe fine feelings which are the ornaments of even greatnefs itfelf. To this your innate partiality for every endeavour in the polite arts I mufl afcribe it, that the following fcenes met with an early approbation from your Lordfhip ;an approbation that was at once the authors pride, and his ftrongeft afT urance of fuccefs. The Public have indeed very far outgone my moft fanguine hopes, in their reception of this piece.: but now, my Lord, The Orphan has another fevere trial to go through; he muft adventure into the world, unaffifted by theadvan-. tages of reprefentation :he muft enter your Lordfhip sclofet, and there (land the examination of the mofl accurate criticifm. In Metidefcendat judicis aurcs. This cannot but be an alarming circumflance to a writer fully confcious of his own inability; who has not been, able entirely topleafe even his own tafte; who defpairs of fatisfying others of a more exalted relifh inthe arts, and therefore craves at your 4JL ordfhip s.
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