An Egyptian Alphabet for the Egyptian People...


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Author  Unknown Author
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 21, 2012
Pages  106

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The Story of the Alphabet The alphabet here represented and explained is that of the living language of Egypt. It consists of thirty-four letters, of which the first ten express pure vowel sounds five short in their nature, and five long. No existing tongue possesses an alphabet embracing so wide a vocal range, and at the same time of so simple a character; and few nationalities can boast of one which can be so rapidly acquired, or so readily applied both in writing and printing. It may be generally described as a modification of theL atin letters, devised with no little ingenuity, and adapted with no little skill to the vocabulary in use, at the present day, by the inhabitants of theN ile valley. Properly speaking, it is not to be regarded as a system of transcribing, or transliterating, the elements of any other alphabet, but rather as an independent ABC, specially elaborated, to express, in the clearest and most convenient manner, the vocal and consonantal articulations of this newest Egyptian tongue. It is to be treated as belonging to theE gyptians, just as the German alphabet belongs to the Germans, or the Greek alphabet to the Greeks, or the Persian alphabet to the Persians.
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