Operations Carried on at the Pyramids of Gizeh...


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Author  Richard William Howard Howard-Vyse
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 20, 2012
Pages  440

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Pyramids of Gizeh (F rontispiece) Pavement and Pit before theN orthern Front of the Third Pyramid 15 Vases found inC ampbell sT omb 23 Entrances of the Fourth andF ifth Pyramids 37 Pyramids to theS outh of the Third Plans andS ections 41 A Lady of Cairo 53 Entrances of theS ixth andS eventh Pyramids 63 Pyramids to theE ast of the Great Pyramid Plans andS ections 67 Entrances of theE ighth and Ninth Pyramids 69 Entrance of the Third Pyramid 71 Plans andS ections of Passages in the Third Pyramid 72 Small A nte-room and Portcullis in the Third Pyramid 78 Plans andS ections of Apartments in the Third Pyramid 81 Sepulchral Chamber in the Third Pyramid 83 Sarcophagus in the Third Pyramid 84 Large Apartment in the Third Pyramid 8G Mummy-board 94 Woman of Alexandria 96 Inclined Passages to theE ast of the Great Pyramid 130 Campbell sT omb Plan andS ection 131 VOL. II.
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