Cruises of the Athena in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean


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Author  Bureau Of University Travel
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 25, 2012
Pages  38

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The Cruising Yacht Athena Greece presents to the ordinary traveler obstacles sufficient to deter all but the most courageous poor roads, inadequate railway service, primitive conveyances, and unspeakable sleeping accommodations in hotels and local steamers. On the other hand, it offers facilities to be found nowhere else in the world for cruising with moderate-sized steamers. The entire JE gean is surrounded with promontories and dotted with islands offering convenient shelter, while it reaches out its long tentacle-like inlets or fjords deep into the heart of the land, touching almost every point of interest. Here the small steamer not the ocean liner whose size bars it from all but the widest open doors bears a charmed life, affording transportation and accommodation alike where both are otherwise denied. The Athena is but the culmination of a long evolution. A series of chartered steamers, all of them compromises between local conditions and our own ideals, have led the way to our present more serious undertaking.
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