An Arch├Žological Cruise in the Levant


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Author  Gustav Henry Schwab
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 24, 2012
Pages  94

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Introduction NTHE Fall of this year a number of those interested in studying the latest discoveries made in the ancient art centres of Greece, the islands of the A igean and the Greek Colonies of Asia Minor, joined in undertaking an excursion to these classical regions. S. S. Schleswig, of theN orth German Lloyd, was chartered, and Dr. Wiegand, Director-G eneral of theN orth German Lloyd, who was the originator of the plan, assumed the task of supervising the necessary work of preparation for the excursion. With the valuable advice and aid of Dr. Schrader, Director of the German Archaeological Institute of A thens, and of Dr. Wiegand, Archaeological Attach of the German Embassy at Constantinople, who is now conducting the excavations atM iletus, in Asia Minor, an interesting programme was laid out. Both Dr. Schrader and Dr. Wiegand kindly consented to accompany the cruise and to explain to the participants the various places of interest visited (D r. Schrader conducting the party in Greece, and Dr. Wiegand in the yE gean and in Asia Minor), a feature that materially added to the interest and instructiveness of the cruise. The programme was the following: Leaving Trieste onO ctober 3rd, the steamer was to call at Corfu; Katakolo, whence Olympia was to be visited; I tea, the port forD elphi; Corinth, whence the party was to proceed to A thens by rail, the steamer meeting them again atP iraeus; the islands of Santorin, Candia andR hodos; Miletus; Smyrna, whence Ephesus was to be visited, and Constantinople. Then, returning toG reece, the steamer was to call at Nauplia for the purpose of visiting Mykenae and Tiryns, and was then to stop atM alta, calling at ports inS icily, and finally landing the participants at Genoa, where the cruise was to end. I accompanied the cruise with my son, Gustav Schwab Jr., and believing that an account of the voyage may be of inte
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