Babylon Is Everywhere the City As Man's Fate...


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Author  Wolf Schneider
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 3, 2012
Pages  436

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Medieval Venice from the Grand Canal Paris: looting during the French Revolution The Place de l Etoile and Arc de Triomphe A view of London slums in 1872 A new London housing estate A view of the new Gorbals, Glasgow Following page 256 The City of London, showing extensive rebuilding A model of the Barbican redevelopment plan of the City of London Horse-buses in the Strand at the end of the nineteenth century Traffic congestion in the 1960 s Aview of the Nevsky-P rospect, Leningrad Post-war reconstruction in Stalingrad Old Moscow: a view from the Kremlin in 1799 Administrative buildings at Smolensk Berlin 1930: working-class flats A view down the Kurfiirstendamm at night, 1957 The new conference hall in West Berlin Ruins of the ancient city of Macchu-P icchu Caracas, oil city of Venezuela An early township in the American West The industrial landscape of Pittsburgh today Skyscrapers in New York Chicago: The Merchandise Mart A new office building in New York Lhasa, city at an altitude of 11,830 feet Mecca, the holy city of I slam .
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