History of the Ancient Britons, from the Earliest...


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Author  J. A. Giles
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 18, 2012
Pages  434

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Britain, founded upon the accounts which the Greeks amiR omans have left us of their connection with this island, I have endeavoured in these volumes, as far as was in my power, to supply the deficiency. The sources from which the work is compiled are extensive, it is true, as regards the number of writers from whom our knowledge is derived, but in general bulk, and as far as concerns the information which we gain from them, they are remarkably scanty. They are all comprised in one volume of Historical Documents concerning the Ancient Britons, which forms the Appendix to this work; so that the reader will have at hand all the authorities for every statement which this work contains, and may immediately verify every fact for himself. As in the Preface to the Historical Documents, I have given all the information which is necessary on the writers whose works are contained in that volume, it would be superfluous to recapitulate the same here. It is important, however, to mention one peculiarity of the present work, which, as it has commended itself to my choice after long consideration, will, I hope, be equally approved by the reader.
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