The Ancient Geography of India


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Author  Alexander Cunningham
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 24, 2012
Pages  636

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The Geography of India may be conveniently divided into a few distinct sections, each broadly named after the prevailing religious and political character of the period which it embraces, as theB rahnanical, theB uddhist and theM uhammadan. The Brahmanical period would trace the gradual extension of the A ryan race over Northern I ndia, from their first occupation of the Panjab to the rise of Buddhism, and would comprise the whole of the Prehistoric, or earliest section of their history, duiing which time the religion of the Vedas was the prevailing belief of the country. The Buddhist period, or Ancient Geography of I ndia, would embrace the rise, extension, and decline of theB uddhist faith, from the era of Buddha, to the conquests of Mahmud of Ghazni, during the greater part of which time Buddhism was the dominant religion of the country. The Muhammadan period, or Modern Geography of I ndia, would embrace the rise and extension of theM uhammadan power, from the time of Mahmud of Ghazni to the battle of Plassey, or about 750 years, during which time theM usalm ,ns were the paramount sovereigns of I ndia.
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