The Seven Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern...


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Author  George Rawlinson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 23, 2012
Pages  808

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Doubts as to the successor of A rtabanus III. First short reign of Gotarzes. He is expelled and Vardaues made King. Reign of Vardaues. His War with I zates. His Death. Second reign of Gotarze.s. His Contest with hisN ephew, .- Meherdates. His Death. Shore and inglorious reign of Vonones 11 141 CHAPTER XVI. Reign of Volagases I. His first attempt on Armenia fails. His quarrel with I zates. Invasion of Parthia Proper by theD ahae andS acae. Second Attack of Volagases on A rmenia. Tiridates established asK ing. First Expedition of Corbulo. Half submission of Volagases. Revolt of Vardanes. Second Expedition of Corbulo. Armenia given toT igraues. Revolt of Hyrcania. Third Attack of Volagases on A rmenia. Defeat of Paetu.s, and re-establishment ofT iridates. Last Expedition of Corbulo, and arrangement ofT erms of Peace. Tiildates at Rome. Probable time of theD eath of Volagases 149 CHAPTER XVH. Results of the establishment ofT iridates in A rmenia. Long Period of Peace between Parthia andR ome. Obscnrity of Parthian Hi.story at this time. Relations of Volagases I. with Vespasian. Invasion of Western Asia by the A lani. Death of Volagases I. and Character of his Reign. Accession and Long Reign of Paconis. Relations of Pacorus with Decebalus of Dacia. Internal Condition of Parthia during his Reign. Death of Pacorus and Accession of Chosroes 164 CHAPTER XV in. Reign of Chosrogs. General condition ofO riental Affairs gives a handle toT rajan. Trajan sS chemes of Conquest. Embassy of Chosroes toT rajan fails. Great E.xpedition ofT rajan. Campaign of a.d. 11.5. Campaign of ad. 116. Death ofT rajan, and relinquishment of his Parthian Conquests by Hadrian. Interview of Chosroes with Hadrian. I ts Consequences. Death of Chosroes and Accession of Volagases II 170 CHAPTER XLX. Reign of Volagases II. Invasion of the A lani. Communications between Volagases and Antoninus Pius.
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