Latin Prose Composition


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Author  Charles Crocker Dodge Hiram Austin Tuttle Jr.
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 26, 2012
Pages  148

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In the preparation of this work for the use of schools, an attempt has been made to combine the advantages of the older systematic with the newer discursive method. In the former too much attention was paid to syntax, too little to the author read; while in the latter the pupil has not been given an opportunity to gain a sufficiently clear idea of Latin usage to help him in his subsequent work. In our attempt to profit by the successful features of both methods, each exercise has been arranged with the following aims :1. To give the pupil a comprehensive view of the various ways in which some particular grammatical relation may be expressed. 2. To illustrate these by an exercise based upon a limited portion of the text read, with especial care to introduce only such words and idioms as are to be found in the text. 3. To make each exercise serve also as a review both of topics previously studied and of constructions that have incidentally occurred. 4. To give interest by making the exercises a connected synopsis of the authors work, avoiding in this, however, what might in any possible way be used as a translation. 5. To give such work as will meet the demands of the best private and public schools. In pursuance of this plan, the Introduction has been divided into Lessons, each of which treats of some specific grammatical topic or group of related ideas as commonly expressed in classical Latin.
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