The Discoveries in Crete


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Author  Ronald M. Burrows
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 18, 2012
Pages  268

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The present book is an attempt to meet a need that has been widely felt during the last few years, not only by classical scholars, but by the general cultured public. Mr. Arthur Evans sdiscoveries at Knossos made an impression on the popular imagination when they were first presented to the world six years ago, and the impression was deepened by the wonderful exhibition of Cretan art at Burlington House two years later. Even at that time, however, the accounts of the excavations that were accessible to the public were as fragmentary as they were fascinating. Since then the mass of new material has been so great that it has taken Mr. Evans all his time to publish the details as they came out in the various learned Journals which had a right to expect them. The promptness with which the result of each years work has appeared is remarkable, and it has been out of the question to expect fromM r. Evans a general survey of the ground until the completion of the excavations. These have now been going on for six years, at Knossos and on other Cretan sites, and are not nearly completed.
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