Livy's History of Rome, Vol. 1


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Author  Livy Livy
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 24, 2012
Pages  552

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Latin, may yet be desirous of gaining some acquaintance with the works of the most picturesque of Roman historians. I have at the same time tried to give a rendering sufficiently literal to meet the requirements of those who are preparing for examinations, and need the assistance of a translation. I hope the short notes may be found of some service in explaining allusions to historical, constitutional, and geographical matters. I have purposely avoided anything in the shape of grammatical or textual remarks. The Introduction makes no claim to originality: first and foremost I must acknowledge my obligations to the introductions in Weissenborn sedition of the text alone, and of the text with German notes. I have also consulted the article Livy in theE ncyclopaedia Britannica; I hne sE arly Rome; Arnold On the CredibiH ty of Early Roman History; and the volume Livy in Ancient Classics forE nglish Readers. A few alterations are due to some MS. corrections by another scholar in the volume placed at my disposal by the publishers. For the sake of uniformity, I have revised the translation according to the text (founded on Weissenborn) of the latest edition of Prendeville sL ivy, recently published by Messrs. George Bell andS
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