Star of the West, Vol. 2


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Author  Bahá'Í. Temple Unity National Spiritual Assembly Of The Canada
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 20, 2012
Pages  740

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MofttWEST Wdedn bat tlie good of the wn-id and the happlneu of the uatioiiB; that all nations shall become one in fatth and all men aa I nothen; that the I xmds of affection and nnity between the sons of men shall be strengthened, that diversity of religion shall cease and differences of race be annnU ed. So it shall be; these frnltless strifes, these minons wars shall pass awaj, and the Host Great Peace shall come. Words of BAHO UUH. PnU shed mneteen Tbnes aY ear in the Interest of theB ahai Hovement By theB ahai Hews Service, Chicago, U. S. A.
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